The friendly face of Gather

Host Program

What a host does

Hosts welcome guests upon arrival, collect their digital tickets, assist with introductions, and come prepared with simple 'ice-breaker’ games to jump-start interaction. Hosts help keep each one-hour event casual and entertaining. Once the conversation begins to flow the host can simply step back and let guests shine on their own. Hosts are expected to dress well and present themselves in a friendly, organized, and professional manner. At the conclusion of each event, the guests have the opportunity to rate their host. Future hosting assignments are issued according to a combination of customer ratings, availability, geographic proximity, and other factors. To help maintain high standards of guest satisfaction and safety hosts will be required to report any serious infractions of the Gather community guidelines, including untoward drunkenness, aggression, or any other obnoxious behavior. At the conclusion of each one hour event the host will submit a short debrief through the host app.

Who should be a host?

Ideal host candidates will have great interpersonal communication skills with a background in, and enjoyment of working with the public. Being outgoing, confident, and somewhat unflappable is an asset, as is familiarity with contemporary dating apps and services. Relevant experience could include hotel reception, restaurant service, or anything involving similar face-to-face customer service.

What a host gets paid

Host pay ranges from $44 to $54 per event, calculated as $30 plus $2 per guest. Each event entails approximately one and a half hours of work. The actual event is an hour long and the host arrives 15 minutes early and then fills in a 5 to 10 minute debrief afterward. Attendees may elect to stay beyond the hour if they are enjoying themselves, but host responsibilities end at the conclusion of the hour. Hosts are paid by automated direct deposit.

The fine print

As a host for Gather you are an independent contractor providing services and you are responsible for paying your own taxes and carrying any insurance that you, as a contractor, are required to have, or want to have.

Other opportunities

In addition to hosts we are looking for applicants to our Incentive Marketing Program, whereby you can sign new users up to Gather and get paid when they buy tickets. We are also looking for great people to fill part and full-time roles inside the company, check out the careers page for details. If you'd like to invest in the company see the investment details page.