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Dump dating apps,
It's time to Gather.

Download the app and enter a (secret) code
The app is available on iOS and Android by invitation only. Get a code from one of our brand ambassadors, influencer marketing partners, ads, or from whoever told you about us.
Make your account, set your availability
Your settings tell Gather where and on what days and at what times you want to be matched into groups and receive invitations.
Swipe to get matched into a group
A Gathering is a hosted hour-long singles-focused event held at a local mid-price restaurant. Group sizes range from 8 to 12.

Groups are constrained by age and balanced by gender. Generally the average age of the men will be a couple of years higher than that of the women. We endeavor to make the best use of customer behavioral data including swiping and messaging to match everyone into a group where they will be comfortable and successful.

Receive and accept invitations
Invitations are free! You will receive a notification and have a couple of hours to respond.

If you accept we will pre-authorize your credit card (we never charge you until the gathering actually happens.)

If you pass we'll send you another invitation next time our schedule lines up with your availability, no worries. Passing never effects your score.
Attend Gatherings
Gatherings always occur two or three days after you get your invitation. The day before, you will be provided with the exact time and venue location, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare.

You won't be told the exact time and venue until the day before the gathering, but remember that you were selected because you picked this approximate "time slot" and neighborhood. We'll never send you to some random part of town or change the general time of day of a gathering.

Be real, meet other real people
When you arrive at a gathering your host will already be there to greet everyone. You will be among others who put in the effort to show up. This is a filter that keeps out most flakes and time wasters.

Because messaging only becomes possible after real-world socializing scammers, people who aren't serious, and those who just want an ego boost all have little to no incentive to make a Gather account

Gather is chemistry-first, chat later
We allow you to assess real-life chemistry or "vibe" before you invest your time in online chat. At the end of the hour, and for the next 36 hours, you have the option to select other attendees who you want to chat with on the app.

This gives you an extra layer of security. You don't have to give out any of your real contact information unless and until you later decide to.

Your score matters, so behave yourself
🚀 After the event
Unlike some apps we could mention we don't reduce you down to a single score- but we do take score into account

No one wants to be by far the most or least attractive person in a room

Swiping isn't the be all and end all- Other factors including how many people want to talk to you after the Gathering, and above all whether you were reported for any untoward behavior also effect your placement.
Let's change the world together
Dating apps broke us

It's time to fix it