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Ambassador Program

How the Ambassador Program works

Ambassadors are issued codes which users can enter when signing up for a gather account. This code entry links the user to that ambassador, who receives a commission on that user's future ticket purchases. The user gets $10 of bonus credit on the system as an inducement to use the promo code.

In addition to online digital distribution ambassadors can print materials or use our pre-printed cards and posters to distribute codes in the physical world. Codes can be shared in person at venues such as bars, beaches, dances, clubs, music festivals or wherever else imagination and ingenuity finds purchase. Ambassadors may want to consider putting together their own ‘street team’ of friends to assist in getting greater numbers of member signups. Codes are geographically targeted to the cities in which Gather operates. Commission payments flow to the ambassador for the agreed time frame regardless of whether the ambassador continues to actively promote Gather.

Who should apply to the Ambassador Program?

Gather will launch in five larger cities in Texas with other US cities to follow. Apply early to become an ambassador and develop a distribution strategy in advance of our arrival in your area. You'll receive resources and strategies for success as we collect tips from the ambassadors that come before you, so you'll be ready to go on launch day.

How is an ambassador paid?

Ambassadors are empowered codes give a $10 account credit to each new member. Once the new member purchases a first ticket the ambassador is paid 40% of the net ticket cost. For example say a user uses their $10 credit against a $25 ticket purchase:

($25 - $15 = $15 transaction) x 40% = $6 commission to the ambassador

All future ticket purchases by that user for the following 12 months (net of any discounts) will also pay a 20% commission to that same ambassador. This will generally be 20% of $20 to $25, resulting in another $4 to $5 commission, per subsequent ticket purchased.

Where are ambassadors operating?

Gather will launch in four cities in Texas at the end of 2022. Other US cities will follow. Apply early to become an ambassador and secure your chance to participate in the early rush when Gather launches in your area. On applying you will be added to an email list to receive ongoing updates on where we're launching and when.

The fine print

As an ambassador you are an independent contractor providing services to Gather and you are responsible for paying your own taxes and carrying any insurance that you, as a contractor, are required to have, or want to have.

Other opportunities

In addition to ambassadors we are looking for applicants to our Host Program whereby you can facilitate Gather events at local venues in your city. We are also looking for great people to fill part and full-time roles inside the company, check out the careers page for details. If you'd like to invest in the company see the investment details page.