Gather, at your place

Venue Program

Why Gather is good for local venues

Gather funnels business to local venues on days and at time they are least likely busy. A table for 12 on Wednesday evening can make a huge difference to marginal profitability. Gather's hosted events are an hour long but patrons are free to stay as long as the venue allows, and they often do.

How a venue gets involved

Gather will launch in four cities in Texas with other US cities to follow. As Gather rolls out across North America we will be introducing a tiered venue program. Initial Venue Program members have been contacted about Gather's operations, and you can apply now to be added to the program. Venues enrolled in the program provide some information and minimal guarantees to Gather in exchange for group allocations. Eventually the Venue Program will be expanded to include a mobile and web app for venue owners and operators to interact directly with our system. When this system goes live venues that participate will gain some priority over those that don't in the group allocation process.

What guarantees do venues make?

Venue Program members guarantee that when a table is booked for Gather it will be available at exactly the stated time, as the one hour duration of our events doesn't allow much room for waiting. Venues are expected to be open for business and taking orders for at least an hour and a half after the one hour event, in the case that customers want to stay for another round, some food, etc. Venues also agree not to apply automatic gratuity to our customers, and to provide each person a separate bill.

How to apply

For more information on the venue program, on how Gather event operates, and how to join please contact us either through the form below or by emailing