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How Gather works

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Unlike online dating, Gather enables singles to socialize in real life without the immediate pressure of a dating decision. Gather invites small groups of systematically selected singles (limited by age and balanced by gender) to local restaurants to meet for an hour.  An independent host attends to welcome everyone and to ease any tension. You can set your availability and allow invitations only for neighborhoods, weekdays, and time slots that are convenient for you. Gather makes it easy to go out to have fun, connect, and make new friends at any age. Attend several events and allow chemistry and connection to occur in real life.

A brief description for the moment

Step 1: You sign up much on like any of the existing dating apps.

Step 2: Indicate in which neighborhoods you'd like to attend events and on which nights of the week.

Step 3: Swipe on profiles so we can see who is and might be interested in whom.

Step 4: Receive invitations to gatherings occurring about three days later.

Step 5: Accept an invitation by authorizing a payment of $25 for a ticket to the event.

Step 6: Receive the specific time and location one day after accepting the invitation, a day before the gathering occurs.

Step 7: Attend, have fun and then grant messaging permission on the Gather app to other attendees that you select.

Gather hosts help

Gather hosts understand that meeting new people can be awkward. Hosts are very social people, practiced in the art of introduction. Your host arrives early to welcome everyone and help with introductions. Hosts help keep events lively. At times the host may initiate conversation, prompt seat switching, or may just have some laughs with everyone. At Gather we want everyone to have a positive, comfortable, and rewarding social experience. After the event you have the chance to rate your host's performance.

Gather answers

Frequently asked questions

Will I see who else is attending?

Yes, exactly 15 minutes before the event begins you will be able to view the other profiles. It’s more exciting that way! Gather combines systematic selection with elements of chance just like real life does.

What are the rules on profiles and photos?

Photos must be of you and not simply have you in them. All photos must be recent and clear with the subject not obscured by other people, objects, dogs, or fish. At least one photo must feature your face and one must be of your whole self. Honesty and clarity is the rule. Sunglasses, huge puffy coats, or other camouflage should not be present. Be true, be real, and you'll meet other real people.

What happens after I sign up?

Congratulations! With your preferences set, you may view and swipe on profiles. Please spend a few moments with each profile. The long run accuracy of your selections will give you better results. Once enough people in your area are participating you will start to receive invitations to events. Please refer your friends for the benefit of all.

What happens after I accept an invitation?

Thank you for your ticket purchase. In the next couple of days you will likely receive confirmation that your event will go ahead. If for whatever reason your event is canceled you will not be charged for your ticket and you will be invited again soon.

When is Gather coming to my city?

Gather is new and we need your help in our mission to fix socialization. We are rolling out in cities across North America as quickly as we can. If we are not in your area yet and you want us to be you can help by encouraging others to sign up and suggest your city during signup, referring others with your in-app referral code, or joining our Incentive Marketing program.

Can I contact anyone in advance?

Gather takes a chemistry first approach. During the hour you will meet about ten people and messaging starts by mutual consent afterwards. Why waste weeks online if no connection or chemistry is present in real life?

How are groups formed?

Gather members swipe on profiles in a similar manner to dating apps. Members are invited to groups arranged by age, availability, and other statistical factors that increase the likelihood of finding people to whom you are attracted while also being among people attracted to you.

How is "Speed Dating" different from Gather?

Speed Dating involves very random assortments of people, the overall time commitment is several hours long, and each 5 minute table meeting is awkward at best. Gather events are an hour of low pressure chat and laughs at a decent restaurant with a host in attendance to help break the ice.

How many invitations will I receive?

This will depend on many factors. First, we are a growing company and it depends on how many other users within your area add themselves to our system. Pass a link to your friends!  Second, you are in control of the amount of time slots and neighborhoods in which you make yourself available. Both factors combined will dictate the frequency of invitations.

When will I know the details of the event?

The venue name and address and the event start time will be announced once the final reservation is booked and a host is assigned. You can expect a notification about 1 day before the event. Once notified of the exact details you can look up the venue, determine how much time you will need to get there and park and also have a sense of how to dress for the occasion.